Aeropress, let's get brewing


Brew time: 5 minutes

Complexity: Theres numbers on the side that help you!

Number of Cups: 1 cup

fun: Plunging is pretty rad


Aeropress is a perfect way to ensure that you're gonna have great coffee WHEREVER you are, we always have our Aeropress in our bags





1. Set kettle to boil. Don't have a kettle out there? no worries get some water boiling over that fire you've worked so hard on.

2. Pull plunger halfway out of the Aeropress and stand upright. We need to have it upright so we have a nice steady vessel to put our coffee in. 

3. Weigh out 14+/- grams of coffee, grind coffee on a sand-like setting. A hand grinder works great in outdoor situations and we find it grinds a pretty good cup. Maybe take a peek at some of our grinders, treat yourself!

4. Once the kettle boils, preheat Aeropress and decanting vessel with water. Place an Aeropress paper filter in the plastic filter top and pre-wet both. Be careful not to burn yourself. This helps get rid of any unpleasant flavours.

5. Add ground coffee to Aeropress and tare the scale. Add 200 grams of water. After a minute, stir the Aeropress 4 times in a clockwise motion.

6. Screw the plastic Aeropress filter top onto the Aeropress. Wait an additional 3 minutes. After a total of 4 minutes, invert the Aeropress onto your decanting vessel. Begin plunging. 

7. Plunging should take 15–20 seconds. When the coffee has been plunged and the Aeropress makes a slight hissing noise, stop plunging— the brew is finished.  


1. Measure and grind, as fine as table salt.

2.preheat the brewer and rinse the filter with hot water. Get that cup hot too!

3. pop the coffee in and Saturate all the grounds within 10 seconds. Pour to the No. 4

4. Once you hit the No. 4, stir the “slurry” (coffee and water mixture) Don't plunge yet!

5. At 1:15, remove the pressure seal and give the slurry another stir with a spoon or paddle. Put the plunger back on and gently press down with steady pressure, stopping as soon as you hear a hissing sound. 

6. Enjoy