French Press, and you're a pro


Brew Time: 10 minutes

Complexity: Pretty easy, no stress

How many cups: Depends on the press, usually 4-8

Fun: Plunging is pretty fun in our opinion


Got a couple friends coming over for some coffee? no worries a french press is a good way to get everyone caffeinated!



1. Remove the plunger and closely inspect that no old coffee oils or grounds are present on any plunger pieces, the lid, or cylinder. Be sure to rebuild before brewing. Cleaning your french press ensures no residual flavours or oils are going to taint your new brew. Maybe its time to pick up some Cafiza and make your tools sparkle. 

2. Put a kettle of water on to boil. You will use this for brewing as well as preheating your French press.

3. Weigh out your coffee. Set the grinder to the appropriate setting (coarse). Try grinding close to sea salt type shapes, we dont want to over extract the coffee so a larger grind size is key. 

4. Once the kettle boils, preheat the French press and decanting vessels (carafes or mugs, etc.) with some water. We always make sure the coffee isn't going to drastically change temperature when we brew. Preheating our vessels is key to ensuring a gradual cool down; this keeps our brews consistent and always flavourful. 

Pour out the preheating water. Place the French press on the scale and tare it to zero.

5. Grind your coffee and add it to the French press. Check to see that the coffee weight hasn’t changed, then tare to zero again. We realistically only want to see how much water we're adding, take note of your coffee weight so we can have a nice accurate brew ratio. 

Start the timer (set for 5 minutes) as you begin to pour the freshly boiled hot water.

Completely saturate the grounds as you pour. Pour slowly to ensure you can monitor the scale display accurately and achieve the correct coffee to water ratio. 

After a minute give the brew six back-and-forth stirs and place the filter lid on top without plunging. This breaks the crust and finalizes our coffee brew. If you dont see a decent sized crust forming on the top of your press you might have added too much water. Not to worry you learned something new!

6. After 5 minutes, press the plunger down slowly and carefully. Pressing too quickly or forcefully may lead to hot coffee spurting, or a couple grinds passing through your press. Coffee grinds aren't going to harm you but it might leave some tell tale signs you were brewing.

7. Enjoy

1. Clean your equipment and boil your water

2. Preheat your brew equipment and weigh out some coffee

Make sure to pour your preheating water out, this could ruin your brew

3. Add coffee to french press, tear back to zero on your scale

4. pour your water and COMPLETELY saturate your ground coffee

5. break and stir your crust, get ready to plunge!

6. Plunge, nice and smooth

7. pour, and enjoy!