Here at Bluebarn

We’ve always been obsessed with coffee. Every cup should be able to make us enjoy all of the potential of coffee beans. This is what drives us to always create roasts we can cherish, that can open our eyes and palate to new horizons, unique to each region, varietal, and bean of the world.



A Coffee journey


Take a deeper look into your cup of coffee

Coffee is starting to be appreciated by the masses for more than a quick pick up in the morning. Coffee has aromas, flavours and colours that come from much farther than the place where you bought it. It pays to know where we get our coffee from, if only to ensure we do the most good with our consumption choices. Just like good coffee, it has to start somewhere!


What is coffee?

  • Coffee geography
  • Cultivars and varietals
  • Processes
  • Useful trivia info


Origin trips


Explore origins with us

The best way to create relationships with farmers and our friends is to visit them!

So that's what we've done! We take yearly origin trips to make sure the coffee we buy is not only sustainably grown but also makes the best cup. We get to meet some pretty passionate people who live in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Come see how we can all do more to keep those places wonderful. 


Our trips

  • Our latest adventures
  • Superstar coffee farmers
  • Our recommended vacation spots


Brew Guides


brewing time: Now!

Brewing coffee has its hiccups, and the only way to get better is to perfect that cup with practice. Come in and check out some tips, tricks and facts that will help you take that home brew game to the next level!


The perfect brew

  • Brew methods
  • Step by step guides