Luis Pedro Zelaya, Jr.



Antigua Guatemala


Luis Pedro Zelaya, Jr.

Driving through central Guatemala is the best way to see the countryside AND taste some amazing coffee! We keep busy most of the time but a visit in late February was the best way to taste some coffees the industry had been raving about. 

We met with the Zelaya family and were completely blown away by their operation. They have been in the coffee production industry for over 100 years. Their main operation runs out of Antigua, a quaint city overshadowed by three active volcanos. A city with great culture, amazing food and a lively night scene. We spent a couple days running around the countryside visiting their instalations. We tasted some amazing coffee and ordered enough to keep even our extended family happy. 

His small lots provide some amazing variety, some great coffee growing in some of the most beautiful parts of our world. Their main drying locations are expansive and have numerous noted fixtures. The main drying beds are overlooked by his well appointed cupping locations. We sat and chatted industry whilst viewing some of the action in regards to the post picking and processing of coffee. 



Antiguan coffee is the heart of our operation, and antiguan coffee is the heart of guatemala
— Luis pedro zelaya