Brazil - Cachoeira de Grama ⋅ Peaberry
Brazil - Cachoeira de Grama ⋅ Peaberry

Brazil - Cachoeira de Grama ⋅ Peaberry

The Carvalho family - one of our Direct Trade partners - has been producing coffee in the mountainous Mogiana region of Brazil since 1890, and Cachoeira de Grama proudly remains family-run five generations later. The rich volcanic soil is ideal for growing fantastic specialty coffee, and the rugged, hilly landscape means that each cherry is picked by hand. The beans, of the Yellow Bourbon and Mundo Novo varieties, are natural processed, giving the coffee an intense sweetness in the cup. This rare peaberry is a real treat, with its sweetness, bright blueberry flavour, and smooth, full body with hints of caramel.

Peaberry, also known as “caracol” or “snail” in Spanish, is the result of a rare natural mutation in which the cherry contains a single round coffee bean rather than the normal two flat beans. These beans are smaller, rounder (or pea-shaped, hence the name), and denser than their regular counterparts. It’s been said that peaberry beans roast more evenly and produce a sweeter cup than traditional beans due to their round shape, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Cachoeira de Grama is committed to sustainable farming practices, and is certified by UTZ, an organization dedicated to the sustainable farming worldwide of coffee, tea, and cocoa.

Our coffee is shipped as whole beans.

Cachoeira de Grama
Altitude 1000 - 1250 m Cultivar Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo
Process Natural Tasting Notes
Blueberry, Caramel, Smooth