Kenya AA - Muramuki Kathangariri

Kenya AA - Muramuki Kathangariri

Kenya has long been known as the darling of specialty coffee, the gold standard against which other coffees are measured for balance, complexity, and clarity. While Kenya is relatively new to the coffee game, the rich soil and high altitudes provided by Mt. Kenya, as well as the well-structured cooperative system put in place by the Kenyan government over the last century, have pushed the country to the forefront of the coffee industry. Transparency is key at auction, where lots go to the highest bidder, pure and simple. Thus, there is incentive to produce high quality coffee.

Kathangariri factory is an independent washing station located in Embu County, on the southeastern slopes of Mt. Kenya. The factory offsets its overhead costs by renting out its facilities to a banking cooperative, placing a larger proportion of proceeds into the hands of farmers.

This lot had us swooning at the cupping table, and cup after cup, pourover after Aeropress, it continues to impress us with its depth and clarity. Dulcet notes of coconut and tropical fruit smooth out crisp grapefruit for a stunning cup that is perfectly balanced, a wonderful representation of what a great Kenya can be.

Various smallholder farms
Altitude 1500 - 1700 m Cultivar SL-28, SL-34
Process Fully-washed, sun-dried Tasting Notes
tropical fruit, grapefruit, coconut