Teodoro Enrique Engelhardt Ortega





Teodoro Enrique Engelhardt Ortega


On our second trip the crew was graced with the company of another one Guatemalas greatest coffee legends. Teodoro has been growing coffee and providing income to his community for generations. Himself and his family are coffee to their core, his son whose being groomed to take over as the 4th generation to keep the families upper 80-95 scored cupped coffee. His farm is conservatively appointed and their are numerous projects in the works. 

We drove up late in the afternoon through some of the most treacherous roads any vehicle has ever had to master. Only to be treated to some wonderful local stories and food. We enjoyed cold beer with a man and his family the seriously lives for coffee. We spent two days with Teo and we can honestly tell we will most certainly be going back. Although our team was beat from the days flights and drives, Teo actively entertained with stories of his impression of modern coffee industry.  

His post pick processing is rudimentary but entirely actionable. He utilizes his farms space in an incredibly efficient way. Featuring raised beds and pavement drying methods he’s perfected some of the hardest varietals in the world. The farm is dotted by avocado trees, mango trees and some of the most wonderful views an individual could ever ask for. 



The abilities for varietals to grow in this region is what allows us to continue to grow our coffee as a community
— Engelhardt Ortega, Teodoro Enrique