Teodoro Enrique Engelhardt Ortega





Teodoro Enrique Engelhardt Ortega


On our second trip to the region, the crew was lucky enough to meet one of Guatemala's greatest coffee legends. Teodoro has been growing coffee and providing income to his community for generations. Him and his family are coffee farmers to their core; his son is in line to take over operations, the 4th generation to do so. He'll have his work cut out for himself, the biggest challenge will be keeping the families high scoring coffee growing as climate change transforms the area. But the future is bright, the farm is conservatively expanding and there are numerous projects in the works. 

We drove up late one afternoon, through treacherous backcountry roads, only to be greeted by some wonderful local stories, food and a few cold beers. The farm is dotted by avocado trees, mango trees and the hills afford breathtaking views.

We spent two days with Teo and we can certainly say that we'll be going back! He has much to teach us about the future of coffee farming and the modern coffee industry. His post pick processing is rudimentary but entirely actionable. He utilizes his farms space in an incredibly efficient way. Featuring raised beds and pavement drying methods, he’s perfected the harvest of some of the most difficult varietals in the world.

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The abilities for varietals to grow in this region is what allows us to continue to grow our coffee as a community
— Engelhardt Ortega, Teodoro Enrique