Here at Bluebarn, we think the best way to find the worlds best coffee is to experience it in person. We'll continue to provide information that 

could help you better understand the origin of the coffee you enjoy.

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Our visit to Guatemala early 2017 yielded many friends and tons of amazing coffees that our clients and friends have sworn by. Come check out what we've learned, who we met and what we found on this trip.

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Our second trip to Guatemala was equally as inspiring; We met with farmers who do things a little different. We like different, especially when it yields some of the best coffee we've tasted from the region.  Check out the adventures from our trip down to Guatemala in July. Mid season, peace and quiet, just us and the farmers. 



The Government of Canada has started to take notice of how we conduct our business. We've had the pleasure of working with the Canadian Cooperative Association in Colombia. They've helped us discover amazing farmers that produces coffees we're sure you'll love. This trip is a little more business, but we always find ways to have fun wherever we are.