Whenever we need a quick brew, we reach for our handy v60.

a wonderful tool that all home coffee aficionado should have!

Ratio: around 1:16

pour-over method

Downside: Somewhat time consuming.

Upside: Fairly easy method, brews a clean coffee, with a moderate body.

Ingredients (single serving):

  • Filtered water: 350 ml at 92–94° C

  • Coffee beans: 22 g

  • Grind size: Paper filter (coarser than for espresso, finer than for a metal filter)


  • Scale

  • Receptacle

  • Burr grinder

  • Small brush to sweep up all of the grounds and clean up the grinder

  • Boiler and gooseneck kettle (or boiler)

  • V60

  • Cone paper filter

Brewing Steps :

1. Start by heating water up to 92–94° C.

2. As the water heats up, weigh 22 g of beans into a receptacle, then leave it on the side.

3. Place your vessel on the scale with the V60 on top and the paper filter inside, with seams folded oppositely.

4. Grind your beans into the receptacle, brush up the grinder and leave the receptacle on the side.

5. When the water has reached 92–94° C, wet the filter using the gooseneck kettle, then discard the water from the V60 and vessel*.

6. Pour the coffee grounds into the filter, level it out and tare the scale.

7. Begin by slowly trickling around 25 g of water in concentric circles, gradually working your way outward from the centre, in order to create a bloom, while never pouring water directly onto the filter**.

  • As you pour the water, watch and carefully follow the circumference of the bubbles slowly growing out from the centre of the filter***. LET THE BLOOM DEVELOP FOR 30 SECONDS TO A MINUTE.

8. When the water has almost entirely trickled down, start pouring water in concentric circles again, slowly working your way in and out, following the same circumference, up to around 187.5 g.

9. When the water has again almost entirely trickled down, finish pouring your infusion the same way, up to 350 g.

10. Serve and enjoy!