Lets get that skill up!


Brew time: 5 minutes

Complexity: Pretty Easy 

Number of cups: 1 cup

Fun: It looks cool?


Whenever we need a quick brew, we reach for our v60's; a wonderful tool that all home coffee arsenels should have

1. Fill your kettle and set to boil. Take one of those nifty Hario filters, open it up, set in the V60 cone and rinse thoroughly with hot water. This will ensure no papery taste resides in the brew, and will also heat the ceramic. Remember, heating your vessels before brewing ensures your cups and cone dont suck heat out of your brew. Well make cold brew another time!

2. Place the V60 on top of the vessel you want to brew in, and place it on the scale. Tare to zero. (Make sure the vessel is large enough to hold all of the coffee you will be brewing). The more coffee you brew, the more water and coffee you'll need. 

3. Weigh out coffee. Set your grinder to a sand-like grind.

Once the kettle boils, grind your coffee and add it to the V60. Tare the vessel, cone, and filter with coffee to zero. This helps get an accurate brew ratio, less math.

4. Start your timer and pour twice as much water as coffee (i.e. 26g coffee x 2 = 52g water) over the grounds. The goal is even saturation, so pour slowly in a clockwise pattern. Don’t worry if you see a few drips falling through. This bloom allows the coffee to de-gas, enabling the water to yield the full potential of the coffee. This is an essential step that should never be rushed.

5. After about a minute, add water in stages (around 70–100g at a time) until you reach the desired final brew weight, making sure that the grounds are never exposed to air until the brew is finished. Concentrate the pour towards the center of the V60, working your way outwards to about a centimeter from the edge of the slurry. The water stream from the pouring kettle should be slow enough to fall straight down, not at an angle.

Once the stream slows to an occasional drip, the brew is finished.


6. Enjoy!

1. boil your kettle, heat your equipment and rinse that filter

2. place the v60 ontop of your cup an tear scale

3. add your ground coffee, the consistency of sand, add to your v60 and tear back to zero

4. Start timer and double your weight with water, bloom slowly

5. wait 1 minute and finish your brew with a slow circular movement. 

6. let brew until a slow drip

7. enjoy